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Nantong XJun Automatic Equipment Co.Ltd. Quality Control

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1.the quality guarantee system

Company has achieved ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, in order to achieve customer satisfaction as the goal, to ensure customer's needs and expectations are established, and translated into the company's products and services, in order to "strict management, excellent quality, excellent service, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and sustainable development" as the quality policy. Implements the products from the design, manufacturing process control, inspection control until the whole factory, install and service the whole process of control. Quality system strictly enforce the "quality manual", "program files" and "work instruction" and all kinds of relevant technical standards and management standards, set standards and the enterprise management system. Truly realized the full, whole process control product quality.

2. an important quality assurance procedures purchased parts

a. the important purchased parts of this machine: up roller, low roller, master cylinders, bearings, hydraulic parts, electric motors, hydraulic motors;

b. select through assessed as qualified for the purchase of the channel;

c. according to plan, procurement contracts, quality requirements, technical standards and acceptance criteria for procurement;

d. by the company's quality control department at the supplier site, the company at the supplier site, the company's on-site inspection to verify, after passing before release into production.

3. the main parts of the manufacturing process

  1.  the work roller: up roller, low roller, side roller

Steel Ingot (chemical analysis) --- Surface inspection --- forging blank --- after forging annealing --- UT flaw --- roughing (mechanical tests) --- heat treatment (quenching) --- UT flaw --- semi-finished ---finishing

  1.  large forgings: cylinder block, gear, gear shaft

Forging rough --- surface inspection --- roughing --- UT testing --- heat treatment --- UT flaw --- semi-finishing --- finishing

  • Nantong XJun Automatic Equipment Co.Ltd.



    Issue Date:2015-07-28

    Expiry Date:2018-07-27


    Issued By:中国质量认证中心

  • Nantong XJun Automatic Equipment Co.Ltd.



    Issue Date:2018-05-02

    Expiry Date:2023-05-01

    Scope/Range:Plate rolling machine for many kinds

    Issued By:ISET S.R.L

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