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MCLW12XNC special cone four roller bending machine ,production line

MCLW12XNC special cone four roller bending machine ,production line

China MCLW12XNC special cone four roller bending machine ,production line supplier
MCLW12XNC special cone four roller bending machine ,production line supplier MCLW12XNC special cone four roller bending machine ,production line supplier MCLW12XNC special cone four roller bending machine ,production line supplier

Large Image :  MCLW12XNC special cone four roller bending machine ,production line

Product Details:

Place of Origin: JiangSu
Brand Name: China Mertal
Certification: ISO and CE
Model Number: MCLW

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
Price: $5000-$50000
Packaging Details: Customized or naked
Delivery Time: It's up to machine's capacity
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 20 sets/month
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Detailed Product Description
Condition: New Color: Customized
Material: Carbon Steel And Stainless Steel Model: MCLW
Brand: Mertal Machine Type: Plate Rolling Machine


Why choose Mertal four roller plate bending rolls?

1. Automatic the material. The plate on the roll immediately to align the plate automatically.

2. The roller accurately in tangent location and clamping plank, get the shortest straight length (excellent pre-bending function).

 3. Once completed. The whole barrel through a rolling can complete, including at the ends of the plate bending. Only need to determine lateral roll position, for automatically, without plate.

4. Plank. Plank always holding in two between the upper and lower roller, to ensure the consistent and ideal location.

5. Auxiliary equipment. For, bending and rolling are centralized control. It can realize fast security bending, and the plate edge, no damage; Condition of material device, can eliminate the wrong side of rolling process. The carrier is rolled with large diameter cylinder, set up by the alternative overhead lifting equipment with rolled plate. This set of auxiliary device can greatly improve the efficiency of rolled plate more than 2 ~ 3 times.

6. Cones. Four high geometric design help rolled cones, and due to the lower roller can tilt clamping plank after edge () in the cones of large diameter end, can make the side plate during rolling into quickly. "cones rolling device" keeled over on the side, with the plank of the short side (in the cone tube small diameter end) contact, according to the forming size slight rotation, make this side of the plate in the process of rolling into the speed slow down slightly. Side roller must tilt, appropriate to cones in the correct geometry shape.

Mertal standard configuration of four roller plate bending rolls, the roller clamping positioning and side roller adopt the electronic control system, its level is much higher than the same industry competitors.

7. The application of CNC. Four roller is the most suitable CNC machine programming: fast automatic sheet for: with reliable "starting point" as a mechanical reference point, are most suitable for CNC programming. Hydraulic clamping roll clamping plank, always make sure to send into the stability, accuracy and positioning plate. A single rolling process: simply by CNC programming.

MCLW12XNC special cone four roller bending machine ,production line




Following users apply to use the machine

first use of the user, because this is one of the most easy-to-operate machine

operators lack of inspection requires high productivity,

increase profitability requires high accuracy,

improving quality want only one operator, reducing labor costs

due to the large size of the Board, production of high-or for security reasons require handling device

want to use CNC operations, reduce operational personnel action levels think factor

MCLW12XNC special cone four roller bending machine ,production line


Double nip roller full drive as standard features -

MCLW12XNC special cone four roller bending machine ,production line

coiling process in the pre-bending of the sheet securely clamped, completely avoid slipping phenomenon.

Dual roller drive ensure more stable and reliable gripping, edge of the sheet can be closer to the nip point.

The sheet edge closer to the nip point, this is the best place to get the shortest length of the straight edge.

After the completion of the pre-bent, we need to continue to move the sheet coiled. Full upper and lower rollers driven approach, from both sides of the sheet holder feeding, feeding clamping force distribution in the double-sided sheet, ensure a more accurate feed control.

Further explanation, the upper and lower rollers synchronous movement, ensures that when rolled sheet and narrow strip when feed reliable and stable.

- Each independent drive rolls on straight league by hydraulic motor

Every driver on the roll of straight league by hydraulic motor, ensures that the plate to the stable and reliable. Direct mode was the standard characteristics of heavy equipment, torque can be directly sent to board, avoid the power loss.

High efficiency and energy saving technology --

Low efficiency of the system (speed reducer, copper sleeve, gear belt, cardan shaft, linear guide) is replaced by a new efficient method, hydraulic planetary drive coupling on the roller directly, frictionless swing guide rail, frictionless autocollimation bearing, multiplex hydraulic power system. The application of today's most advanced technology greatly reduce the energy loss (useless) to ensure energy is used for coil plate (useful work). Completely conform to the international standard for efficient energy-saving technology.

Other manufacturers on the market of plate bending rolls, drive roller is only on the roller, the production sheet or narrow board, under the roller relative to the top roller pressure, usually produce skid too low, too high usually material deformation, such as such and such problems. Moreover, they usually device adopts gear box or the structure of the friction wheel, transmission efficiency is low, waste energy loss is very big.

MCLW12XNC special cone four roller bending machine ,production lineMCLW12XNC special cone four roller bending machine ,production line

MCLW12HXNC Four roller plate rolling machine technical parameters
Model Max pre-bending thickness(mm) Max bending thickness(mm) Diameter of upper roller(mm) Max plate width(mm) Main motor power(kw)
MCLW12-3x1500 2 3 135 1500 2.2
MCLW12-5x1500 3 5 190 1500 4
MCLW12-10x2000 8 10 240 2000 11
MCLW12-10x2500 8 10 260 2500 15
MCLW12-12x2000 10 12 260 2000 15
MCLW12-15x2000 12 15 265 2000 18.5
MCLW12-15x2500 12 15 280 2500 22
MCLW12-20x2000 16 20 300 2000 30
MCLW12-20x2500 16 20 340 2500 30
MCLW12-25x2500 20 25 390 2500 30+7.5
MCLW12-25x3000 20 25 420 3000 37+7.5
MCLW12-30x2500 25 30 420 2500 37+7.5
MCLW12-30x3000 25 30 460 3000 45
MCLW12-35x2500 30 35 460 2500 45
MCLW12-35x3000 30 35 510 3000 55
MCLW12-35x3500 30 35 550 3500 55
MCLW12-40x2500 35 40 510 2500 55
MCLW12-40x3000 35 40 550 3000 55
MCLW12-40x3500 35 40 560 3500 55+7.5
MCLW12-50x2500 45 50 560 2500 55+7.5
MCLW12-50x3000 45 50 605 3000 55
MCLW12-50x3500 45 50 640 3500 75
MCLW12-60x3000 50 60 670 3000 108.5
MCLW12-60x3500 50 60 700 3500 75
MCLW12-70x3000 65 70 720 3000 90
MCLW12-70x3500 65 70 760 3500 90
MCLW12-80x3000 70 80 780 3000 90
MCLW12-80x3500 70 80 840 3500 55*2
MCLW12-80x4000 70 80 870 4000 55*2
MCLW12-90x3000 80 90 810 3000 75*2
MCLW12-90x3500 80 90 890 3500 75*2
MCLW12-90x4000 80 90 925 4000 75*2
MCLW12-100x3000 85 100 850 3000 45*4
MCLW12-100x3500 85 100 925 3500 45*4
MCLW12-100x4000 85 100 960 4000 45*4
MCLW12-120x3000 100 120 940 3000 55*4
MCLW12-120x3500 100 120 980 3500 55*4
MCLW12-120x4000 100 120 1020 4000 55*4
MCLW12-140x3000 115 140 1000 3000 75*4
MCLW12-160x3500 130 160 1220 3500 90*4
MCLW12-180x3000 150 180 1280 3500 55*8
MCLW12-200x4000 160 200 1500 4000 75*8

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