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Where is the "good" of the high-end CNC system?

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Where is the "good" of the high-end CNC system?
Where is the "good" of the high-end CNC system?

First take a look at the definition of the CNC system, CNC system is short for digital control system, according to the control program stored in computer memory and perform some or all of the numerical control function, and is equipped with interface circuit and servo drive unit dedicated computer system. Through the use of Numbers, words and symbols of the instructions to achieve one or more machinery equipment action control, it is usually controlled by position, Angle and speed, etc. As well as mechanical switch.
In 1952, the Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT) partnered with parsons to invent the world's first three-coordinate CNC milling machine. The control device consists of more than 2,000 electronic tubes, about the size of an ordinary laboratory. The servo mechanism USES a small servo motor to change the Angle of the hydraulic motor to control the fluid motor speed. The interpolation device adopts pulse multiplier. The success of this NC machine tool marks the beginning of NC technology and a new era of numerical control. Since then, the United States, Japan and other countries have developed a microprocessor based CNC, sometimes called MNC.
Although numerical control system has achieved great development in our country, but China's high-end CNC machine form a complete set of numerical control system is more than 90% of all foreign products, especially for the defense industry in urgent need of high-grade CNC machine tool, high-grade CNC system is to determine the performance of the machine tool equipment, function, reliability, and cost of the key factors, and overseas to our country still restrictions, become a bottleneck restricting the development of high-end CNC machine tools in China. The numerical control system is basically a combination of hardware and software, but the added value is mainly embodied in software.
High-end CNC system in the choice will be more diversified, function in terms of efficiency, accuracy, surface finish, good system can finish faster processing, precision is more conform to the requirements of the factory at the same time, the roughness control better. At the same time, a good CNC system in daily work can keep more stable processing performance, to meet all kinds of mechanical failure timely prevention and take corresponding emergency measures, meets malfunction, can also be relatively easy to back to normal working condition.
Compatibility for CNC system is very important also, good system will consider the current multiple interfaces, standards and protocols, formats, such as support, and less commonly can only support several fixed.
For most of the manufacturers, the higher price, in exchange for higher stability and reliability of daily production, is undoubtedly a transaction. Just like the iphone, even if the price is high, there are still a lot of people to buy. Besides the beautiful appearance, more people pay more attention to the fluency and stability of the mobile phone system. Apple mobile phone brand recognition, of course, it is also an important factor for people to buy, like Siemens, fanuc and mitsubishi system, since the industry familiar with the said yes, so where is definitely not bad.
As a whole, high-end numerical control system has more advantages in practicality, reliability, compatibility, stability and humanization than the middle and low-end numerical control system. According to the national science and technology major projects, one of the high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, in 2020, domestic, high-grade CNC machine tools used in domestic market share of 60% in the numerical control system. So, the future of nc system also has the very broad space for development, also hope that the domestic numerical control system can last, accumulate experience, to produce higher technical content, performance is more widely used in nc system.

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